Fossil Power Plants

Power Plant Improvement Projects:
Distributed Control Systems (Plant wide)
Boiler Performance Data Acquisition Systems
NaOCl Injection Systems
Water Purification Systems
Control Room Designs
Power Distribution-all facets
Material Handling Control and Power Systems
Low Nox Burner retrofits
HVAC upgrades
Building and Facilites additions
Turbine-Generator Instrumentation and Control
Auxiliary Power Supply System
Furnace Implosion PLC
Pneumatic Controls
Deaerator Installation and Revamping
Boiler Fuel Conversion
Effluent Monitoring Systems
Alarm Systems
Control Valve Sizing, Selection and Specification
Dust Collecting Systems
Gas Turbine-Generator Installations
Fuel Conversion
Filtration Systems
Starting Method Conversion
Waste Heat Recovery
Fuel Storage and Transfer




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